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Congress And Donation Wrtie-Offs

11 Sep

Recently the Congress has suggested that they may consider the elimination of “tax-write-offs” for “charitable giving.” Aside from generating more revenue this would also bring the very act of giving back into it’s proper order. Once upon a time, the American people gave only from their hearts, and not because it had tax advantages. The act of giving is clearly stated in Mat:6, which says to do your good deeds and then shut-up about them; something along those lines. One step more would bring us to the non-profits and the Trillions of dollars they take in every year, also untaxed. Would it be the end for the hundreds of thousands of them, that exist in America today, if they had to pay taxes? I think not at all. People would still give from their hearts and the American tax=payer would no longer have to ultimately foot the bill for them.